Saturday, August 6, 2011

Your Calling Card

There are many schools of thought on what proper dress and grooming involves. So that we don't get lost in the "forest" of fashion, we will stick to classic and timeless fashion for men, namely suits, shirts, ties and everything that a fashionable Gentleman would care about. A true Gentleman understands that appearance is important and that our clothes are the calling cards of our personality.

Since God made Adam and Eve's clothes out of animal skin, mankind has been concerned with what he is wearing. And since then much progress has been made in the way humans produce garments, we have come a long way from animal skins! We found cotton and wool!  Not only have the clothes improved but the quality has, so much so that people will spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars on one or two items! Why? Because people know that oftentimes people judge you by what they see first- How are you dressed? Should I respect you? Do you work here? Did you just wake up? And from this "first look" they have judged us and will either respect us or not, it's just that simple. 

What many don't understand is that clothes, colors and even scents can have a positive or negative affect on them and others.  For example, did you know that wearing a red tie or any other color for that matter, can give an indication of your  personality type and the mood you are in?  It's true note this quote: "Every color creates certain moods and feelings within us. Studies have shown that our reactions to color are almost instantaneous, and that they have a deep impact on the choices we make everyday.  A red tie is full of energy; Red ties are usually worn by outgoing personality types. It shines full of optimism and it increases enthusiasm. The brighter the red the more emotionally intense it is." (

Whether it's a tie, shirt, suit or shoes they all tell something about us. What do your clothes say? What are you wearing tomorrow or even now?  Putting forethought into what we will wear is very important because after all a Gentleman knows first impressions are the best impressions - make them last!

The Classic Man


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